Ex-Employee Gets Savagely Shut Down On Facebook For Asking ‘Why Was He Fired’

Facebook is the place to contact your employer.

Because believe it or not, Facebook is not actually used for anything work-related. Especially not for asking your employer why you were fired. There is a thing such as a phone call or an email you know?

Why am I talking about this you ask? Well, you see when one person got fired from an unnamed company. He wanted to know the reason behind it. Now that seems fair but messaging the company on Facebook doesn’t seem like the appropriate procedure.

And no he didn’t ‘private message’ them. He wrote it as a status for everyone to see. Now if he had been unjustly fired, this would have kinda made sense. However, that was not the case, so it didn’t end well.

Source: Reddit

It all started when one fired employee posted to the company asking the reason as to why he was fired.

The company was rightfully confused. However, no matter how rude he got, they tried to cool down the situation.

Which as you can probably tell didn’t work. So they did what anyone would do in that situation.

They utterly destroyed him without a doubt.

It seems kinda unlikely that he did all those things and still doesn’t know the reason as to why he got fired. However, there is no end to the stupidity of some people. So what did we learn from this?

Think before you write something on the Internet. Have you ever been fired? If so what was the actual reason? Comment down below and let us know.

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