12+ Disturbing Illustrations That Depict Everything Wrong With The World Today

The world is converting into a nightmare.

A lot of people seem to agree with that statement. Our habits of destroying the environment and morals seem to be getting more intense. Artists Luis Quiles and Steve Cutts agree with that. They illustrate these thoughts through art.

The world has been corrupted. We need to recognize these problems so we can face them. Which problems am I talking about? Scroll below to see which:


#1 Our phones control our lives.

#2 Just blindly following everyone else, even if its stupid.

#3 Fighting for oil.

#4 Rooted.

#5 Money makes the struggle easier.

#6 Obesity and starvation.

#7 The meaning of religion manipulated.

#8 Homophobia.

#9 We’re all addicted to our phones.

#10 Destroying the world for money.

#11 Oppressing women is not religion, or is it?

#12 Thinking of women as objects.

#13 Selling your body for attention is much more common now.

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