Woman’s Empowering Twitter Thread Proves How Friends Can Help You Through The Worst

The death of a family member is one of the hardest burdens to bear.

You end up losing control of every aspect of your life, and the things that used to seem so simple and easy, things that you didn’t think twice about, they all seem impossible. That’s what depression is. It’s not perpetual sadness, it’s a perpetual loss of energy, motivation, and everything else that helps you get out of the rut that you’re in.

The sadness is a side effect of the loss of motivation, not the other way around. Sheila is one of these people. She lost her father and the emotions that followed were hard to process. She shut down, and was unable to do even the simplest of things, such as unpack. That’s why when she moved, she still hadn’t unpacked her boxes despite living there for months.

The thing about friends is that they help you when you’re down. Especially when you’re down. That’s why Sheila’s friend, David, said that he was going to help her get better, and invited ten of their local friends to come over and help her fix herself up. Sheila was overjoyed.

Source: Twitter

She doesn’t remember most of it.

He told her that she was loved, and she responded with “Doesn’t matter.”

She had around 200 unpacked boxes.

They brought beer and set up a taco station.

They didn’t let her help.

They’re having a grand old time together.

She didn’t know how to say thank you.

It didn’t matter, because they were friends.

This could have gone wrong, but it didn’t.

And now, she has one of the best memories ever.

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