This Guy Proved That Earth Isn’t Flat In Way That Will Make The Flat Earth Society Scream

The Earth is not flat.

The debate of whether the Earth is round or flat has been going on for several decades now. The ‘Flat Earth Society’ still believes in the old conception that the Earth is flat, even though there is definitive proof that the earth is, in fact, round. So it seems that some people still firmly believe that the Earth is flat. However, a 47-year-old musician from Manitowoc has it all figured out.

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Greg captured some pictures in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. He realized that the horizon he captured seemed quite flat.

“I’ve often looked at the horizon over that lake–thousands of times–and wondered “am I seeing a curve? I’m not sure. Maybe a little? Or is my mind playing tricks?” As a kid, I’d look at it a lot” said Greg.

He used science to clear the doubts he had.

“When I actually did the math and made the diagram, I actually felt a rush” Pagel recalled.

“To the right, in the distance, you can see the beach at Silver Creek Park.”

“To the left, you can see the south side of Two Rivers, WI. I grew up there.”

“You know why it’s called Two Rivers? Because it sounds nicer than ‘Three Trees and a Couple of Rocks.'”

“Anyway, see the horizon? Pretty flat, isn’t it? But I heard the Earth was round. Have I been lied to?”

“Let’s take a closer look. Zooming in… Still looks pretty flat.”


“Panorama? FLAT.”

“Here’s where I was standing, shown on Google Earth.”

“But the line between the two points gives you a 45-degreenice, long view of the horizon.”

“I did some math. I think I did it right.”

“What would a 0.12-degree arc look like?”

“Here’s a 90-degree arc.”

“Here’s a 45 degree arc.”

“Where’s the curve?”

“This is a 1-degree arc.”

“This is a 0.12 degree arc.”

“Because there it is.”

“And here it is again.”

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