These Seven Disney Movie Villains You’ll Surely Meet In Real Life

You meet a lot of evil people in real life.

It is pretty natural. We meet people who are poisonous and are not afraid to do anything if at the end of the day, they get what they want. So it is quite a high probability that you have met some or all of these people mentioned below.

You may have thought, Disney villains are not real. Now that might be true (At least i think so.) There are however a lot of people in this world who are the perfect real life equivalent of these villains.

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#1 The Cruella De Vil.

#2 The Ursula.

#3 The Scar.

#4 The Jafar.

#5 The Hades.

#6 The Frollo.

#7 The Snow White.

Have you met any of these real life villains before? Or are you the one on that side of the spectrum? Have any more villains in mind that will be perfect for this list? Comment on below and let us know.

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