69 Dirty AF Memes That Will Need You To Wash Your Damn Soul For Laughing At Them

Need a fresh start?

Are you tired of the same old boring and pointless memes? You’ve come to the right place! We have a splendid collection of dirty yet hilarious memes. And trust me, you are going to feel just a little bit filthy after going through these.

Here you go, you infidels. Try not to laugh at all of them and don’t forget to share!

1. Sex, a satanic act?

2. Or maybe they have major constipation issues.

3. Oh, we’ve all been there.

4. Aroused much?

5. “Let’s do something else for fun today”.

6. Please try your luck again.

7. What a nice relationship, you want one?

8. I can come back later.

9. At least he won’t be discriminating.

10. Holy girth!

11. Sex and french. Hmm.

12. Honest answer?

13. Getting used to ‘the other side of yourself’?

14. Sorry, it’s not responding at the moment.

15. Come on, it’s 69!

16. I think maybe the connection isn’t right.

17. “I don’t need a man for anything. Okay, maybe except for dick.”

18. This is the one appointment where I find inner rejuvenation.

19. That dick over you dicks? Anytime.

20. So you have to ask a lawyer first?

 21. Damn, the boy knows what he wants.

22. All you can eat buffet.

23. Can you feel it coming?

24. Pullout game on point.

25. Always hungry for this.

26. Come on already!

27. Don’t let your hair get in the way of ANYTHING.

28. “Hey, is that your dick?”

29. But what if you’re in the other room while ‘doing it’?


31. Cuffing season.

32. Cover your embarrassments.

33. No touching there.

34. Take the hint already!

35. Deal with it.

36. Do you know the struggle?

37. Does it really matter who we’re talking about here?

38. Gee, thanks for the suggestion.

39. Titanic – the untold story.

40. So we’re just going to have a normal dinner?

41. We all have those after-sex thoughts, don’t we?

42. “Is it my turn yet?”

43. It’s like you conquered something big.

44. Sex for the unfit.

45. A woman has her needs.

46. Is that the new safe word?

47. Apologies for the inconvenience, but we are closed.

48. I swear it wasn’t me. They just vanished themselves.

49. “But we never do it this way!”

50. Just some friendly advice from God.

51. Perfect date doesn’t exist.

52. Who doesn’t want to show off their sex record?

53. We’re all going to hell.

54. ‘Wrong place at the wrong time’ never felt more accurate.

55. Let’s play a game.

56. I want to eat you. Literally.

57. There’s a first time for everything.

58. Netflix is my new favorite.

59. We can all laugh at this.

60. Is it too late to say ‘yes’?

61. How else do you want him to do it?

62. Yeah, whatever makes you happy.

63. Cuz your real face isn’t sexy enough without all that filter?

64. Shit!

65. Ooh, that sounds appetizing.

66. Forever alone.

67. Set some boundaries. Be safe.

68. She’s definitely going to do it!

69. Cucumbers are my favorite.










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