Dad’s Dramatic Reaction To Wife’s Suggestion Of Getting A Fake Tree Has Become The Last Meme Of 2017

What you are looking at right now is a family from Ontario, California, known as the Napoli family. The one on the extreme left is dad Joe, followed by the daughter Audrey and mother Marie along with their other daughter Madison.

To make it clear, this is his reaction!

According to Madison, the entire family takes Christmas very seriously, especially dad. Madison’s parents are very sarcastic, but when mom cracked a humorous joke about getting a fake Christmas tree, he did not get it. And oh boy! His reaction was worth a shot. Unfortunately, it was not funny to him!

Madison, on the other hand, shared this on social media with her friends, making the entire situation viral.

1. This one is relatively legit!

2. The look when you feel like you’re in hell!

3. Worst Christmas ever?

4. Dad is always right!

5. Sometimes life treats you the same way!

6. Disappointed AF

7. Finally a good Christmas?

8. Damn it, not again!

9. Well, at least someone understands!

10. Disappointments at its peak!

11. The agony!


12. Slowly moving on to 2018!

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