Dad Asked Redditors To Ask His Three-Year-Old Kid Anything And The Answers Are Hilarious

Redditors are a hilarious bunch.

But is that really that surprising? However, this three-year-old might be even more hilarious and clever than the rest of the social media. So that is probably the reason, his dad asked Reddit to ask his son anything.

And unsurprisingly, Reddit delivered, From weird to hilarious question the kid had a unique answer to each and every question. So let’s not wait any longer and scroll below to take a look at the questions and the ingenious answers.

Source: Imgur

It started so innocently.

Yet it swerved into something we couldn’t foresee.

It is the Internet do we should have expected that.

It’s not that I wouldn’t say the same.

And this it. Politics summed up in one simple line.

I do have a lot of fun when they pop in the microwave so he’s not lying.

That is truly very sweet.

Did it get dark in here? because I just got a chill.

Because why the heck not!?

I haven’t read that in a while. *Goes to find the book.*

Try saying that 10 times.

Good, He did not fall into the trap of that old cliche.

Even sun gets tired from all the work right?

I mean what else could anybody need except juice?

So were all the answer above were a lie too?

Gordon Ramsey would have suggested the same thing.

The good pizza is my favorite from that place around the corner of that street.

Even I did not understand a word you said so yah….

It’s always better to tell the truth.

Mountains? Elephants? of course not! It’s the bears!

Oh gosh, I think I can see something behind my eye. (I know that makes no sense.)

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