20+ Hilarious Comics With An Unexpected Twist

Life is unexpected.

So why shouldn’t comics be unexpected too? Don’t you get bored of expecting the ending? So why not read the following comics filled to the brim with twists and turns?

The creators, Jonathan Kunz and Elizabeth Pich’s, behind the comics, don’t have more than 73k fans on Facebook and 127k Instagram followers for no reason.

Elizabeth spends most of her time tramping around secluded German forests, eating high-calorie fudge bars, so most of her ideas come from those sugar highs. Jonathan just watches a lot of TV.

A Scottish bus driver laughed so hard at our comics that he drove right into Lake McGowanshire and died. Our condolences to his family. Thus it has been demonstrated the supreme quality of War and Peas.


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#1 Never live with regrets.

#2 Being a bully is only a part-time job.

#3 Anybody else get flashbacks to Mason Verger from Hannibal?

#4 The embarrassment probably hurts.

#5 He has feelings too!

#6 I totally understand.

#7 Nuclear energy is so beautiful.

#8 It’s neither.

#9 Even he gets lonely.

#10 Very funny.

#11 I mean, he is licking his own butt, so not much intelligence there.

#12 I want a best friend like this!

#13 Now, that is just cruel.

#14 Not cool indeed!

#15 I’m more concerned about the wine underwater.

#16 Truly terrifying.

#17 A true entrepreneur.

#18 Cute and sad at the same time.

#19 Someone woke up on the wrong side of the web.

#20 No glass likes to be judged.

#21 It’s not gonna work, robot!

#22 I have no idea.

#23 Nice one!

#24 Maybe push the other one?

#25 That is a magic trick alright!

#26 I’ll keep your secret.

#27 And that is how inheritance started.

#28 He clearly does not know beauty.

#29 The best cure for loneliness!

#30 It’s still you.

#31 Sadly that is true.

#32 Really? I didn’t notice.

#33 Try not to be so stingy next time?

#34 She probably won’t.

#35 Lord Nibbles will f*ck you up!

#36 That is how you gain immortality.

#37 It was number two.

#38 Ever thought of adopting?

#39 It was probably the wrong decision.

#40 Who’s laughing now!?

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