This College Student Was Thrown Out Of Class For Wearing Gym Outfit And It’s Outrageous

People who go to the gym on a daily basis would know what the dress code should be. They should avoid wearing clothes that are a bit too fancy. Most men and women wear athletic outfits such as sweatpants and tank tops. It is assumed that when the skin touches the machines, they are generally cleaned off and sanitized.

The point of saying this is because Sarah Villafane was asked to change her shirt by one of the gym employees at her college while she was working out! When she said she doesn’t have any other shirt, the manager stepped in and asked her to leave the gym. Yes, you read that right! He asked her to get the hell out of there!

Gym outfits should be comfortable and conducive!

Do you even understand the meaning of a gym?

Bad ass Sarah!

Was it even a legit crime?

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Why doesn’t anyone take action against this?

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This was her sinful outfit!

This is what she had to say about it.

Later she added:

Some people supported her.

Some didn’t…

Some just brought up women empowerment!

A little more criticism…

Some more about gender equality!

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