A Married Couple Buys New House Next To A Nice Gay Couple And They Are In A Hilariously Cute Situation

It turns out; there is such a thing as being too nice.

Well, that is what I understand by reading the following post. You see, a married couple bought a new house. And they were lucky enough to get great neighbors. I don’t mean ‘great’ light either.

I mean, they are just too nice for the married couple to handle. Because they are now in a competition with each other to see who is the nicest neighbor.

And you may not be surprised to hear that the gay couple is winning the competition. (Oops, Spoiler alert?) So scroll on below and take a look at the hilarious antics both of these couples have done.

Basically, I am unsettled and am now having to enter into an arms race of niceness. I am already so behind.


More info: tumblr

How lucky are you to get such nice neighbors?

But they definitely deserve that though.

Damn the nice gay couple!

Dinner party it is then!

Oh no, the secret has been revealed!

But why? Why would they leave us!?

Use all the things you learned from Mr and Mr nice.

But is that really at all surprising?

The definition says it all.

Oh, the audacity!

Now, why would you do that?

But then you’d ruin the gay agenda!

That is quite true, sadly.

Yup, he sounds like a bastard to me alright.

Who wouldn’t? But sadly not everyone is so lucky.

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