Athletes From Around The World Did Naked Photo-shoot For Charity Calendar & Pictures Are Breathtaking

Initiatives that are taken for charity never go to waste.

Dominika Cuda, a photographer based in London, definitely thought so. She combined talented athletes and champions to produce a breathtaking collection of photographs for a charity calendar.

Cuda came across a lot of financial drawbacks while shooting for the calendar but she did not step back and continued to strive for her project. This is what she said related to this.

“I was the only one with the vision, and I had no sponsor. Taking the risk, I funded the project myself.

I used to be a bi-athlete, so I know that chasing your dream requires funding for equipment and training.

We reach out to the best and the brightest, help them stay on their chosen path and motivate them in achieving their goals.”

The photographs were shot at different locations and we’ve got a glimpse of this extravagant shoot to share with you.

1. Balancing it to the core!

2. Let’s do this!

3. An eagle’s eye!

4. Upside down!

5. Dancing it all the way!

6. Perfect symmetry!

7. The elegant boxer!

8. In it to win it

9. The winning catch!

10. Deep thinker

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