Artist Accurately Illustrates Her Daily Life With Her BF & It’s Adorable

Whoever said ordinary life was boring?

I mean, it is probably not at all boring when you are living with four adorable cats and one ‘cat-like boy’. You might have thought daily life wouldn’t make a very compelling comic series. In reality, however, it couldn’t be far from the truth.

You see, Sarah Graley is a full time comic artist who currently lives in the UK and loves to illustrate her daily life with her boyfriend through her comics. You may be surprised to see how many adventures they’ve had in their life.

Illustrations by Sarah Graley.

#1 We have to experiment in the name of science!

#2 It is really very beautiful.

#3 Love can only be truly expressed in cat language.

#4 Her booty meter was running low.

#5 I see that everyone is obsessed with booty in this household.

#6 That is the deepest love you could ever feel.

#7 I don’t think that was the right decision.

#8 No! The best-kept secret has been revealed!

#9 How could you be good without touching it?

#10 The ghost is back, and he will ruin our noses!

#11 Just a thought, but you might wanna take off the hoodie?

#12 Food is love; Food is life!

#13 Yup, sounds about right.

#14 Maybe you shouldn’t hold hands at all?

#15 Stealing each other’s shirts is the second step to a healthy relationship.

You can check out more of her amazing work at her website. Comment on below and let us know what you thought of these great comics.

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