Artist Highlights Extreme Social Injustice In The Modern Society Through His Dark Illustrations

We as a society are in desperate need of help.

We might think that advancement in technology will improve our lives. However, in reality, it is doing the exact opposite. It seems that most people are using these advancements for selfish reasons.

And we as a society are plummeting downwards rather than getting ahead. We can clearly see it, and yet we can’t stop our next generation from doing the same.

That is probably the reason so many artists have made it their job to highlight the issues in our societies that nobody likes to talk about. And the following dark illustrations are of one such artist.

Source: Quilesart

#1 Violation of human rights.

#2 The unsuspecting teenagers and the hungry hands.

#3 Sensationalize a woman’s body.

#4 Requirements in a religion.

#5 A ticking time bomb.

#6 Fame through the use of your own body.

#7 Sharks always eat the small fish.

#8 Chained to a life of slavery.

#9 The use of religion to the hungry.

#10 The world is ruled by social media.

#11 False advertising to hook you in.

#12 Groveling at the feet of a woman.

#13 Only way to live is to pop pills.

#14 The seductiveness of destruction.

#15 What you see is not always the reality.

#16 The hidden puppet master.

#17 Intolerance underneath the honeyed words.

#18 Those close to us.

#19 Do it for the camera.

#20 The limelight.

#21 Toys of the modern generation.

#22 Held back, to never write what you feel.

#23 A little bit of money can get a whole of everything.

#24 Innocence can be deceiving.

#25 Hypnotized by the nude promotions.

Do you agree with these illustrations? Or are they exaggerated? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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