Internet Is In Splits After Seeing This 11-Year-Old Girl’s Savage Breakup Texts To Her Ex BF

In all honesty, no one wants to go through a breakup.

Breakups are sad and depressing, and no one wants them. And sometimes to avoid heartbreaks people ignore the flaws and mistakes of their partner and give them the chances they don’t deserve. However, we clearly shouldn’t do that and learn from the example of this 11-year old girl from Twitter.

Basically, a Twitter user named Mia Martin shared the story of how her 11-year old sister savagely ended a relationship. Apparently, she was sick and tired of her boyfriend’s “games” and didn’t want to waste another second on him. And even though it was a bold move, the details of the entire incident are incredibly hilarious.

Luckily, Mia shared the screenshots of the conversation, and the internet is totally loving it.

So let’s take a look!

She literally has zero regrets.


Nothing in the world could’ve saved him from that burn.


This is what Mia tweeted.

This is how people reacted.

She’s a gem!

True that.

The internet is clearly enjoying it!

I feel bad for the little boy now.

So what did you learn from this 11-year old girl’s legendary story? She taught us that we should never compromise and settle for less. If we are not satisfied and feel like we deserve more we shouldn’t hesitate in standing up for ourselves and doing what’s right. Though this is something done by a young little girl, the message it sends out is very powerful. You go, girl!

What do you think?

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